Despite clear progress in the last decades, women continue to experience limited access to top positions in the academia, at least in some fields of science. Our goal in this project is to deepen understanding of the mechanisms underlying gender inequality at the university. We hope to be able to confirm or disprove a few subtle ways in which progress of women in science may be hindered.

Using a number of research methods, including interviews, experiments and scientometric analysis we will try to uncover clichés that may negatively affect evaluation of women’s academic work.

We hope that our project will help researchers, university authorities and administrators of science and higher education understand ways in which they can provide more of a level playing field for both genders.

Project partners (from Poland and Norway) will collaborate to analyse existing data and design new studies of gender inequality at the academia. We believe in the long run our project will contribute to sharing best practices in promoting gender equality at the university between Norway, Poland, and beyond. Among other things, surveys previously administered in Norway and targeted at PhDs will be reanalysed and conducted in Poland as part of the project. We will try to learn from the comparison of the results in the two countries.