Hosting the Shadow2017 conference in Warsaw

From July 27 to July 30, 2017 we hosted in Warsaw the 5th International Conference on “The Shadow Economy, Tax Evasion and Informal Labor” called also Shadow2017. This was the fifth conference of the Shadow conference series with the previous ones taking place in Muenster (Germany) in 2009, 2011 and 2013 and Exeter (UK) in 2015.

For Shadow2017 we were joined by almost 70 participants from all over the world: various UE countries, USA, Japan, China, Russia, India, Iran, Peru, Israel and Norway, who presented around 50 papers. The participants came not only from academia but also from statistical offices, tax authorities and governmental institutions.

Shadow2017 was characterized by the quality of the presentations and the discussions. A good example are the keynote speaches given by Luigi Mittone (University of Trento) and Johannes Koettl (World Bank). Luigi, a very well-known experimental economist, presented a wide spectrum of cleverly designed experiments identifying various behavioral patterns among taxpayers audited by tax authorities. Johannes gave a very comprehensive presentation of informal employment as a separate phenomenon, in particular in economies in transition.
A new element of the Shadow conference series was a discussion panel on “Statistical offices and the shadow economy”. The panelists were Manlio Calzaroni (with a long experience of working for ISTAT), Brugt Kazemier from Statistics Netherland, and Alicja Truszyńska from the Central Statistical Office of Poland. The panel was moderated by Marek Rozkrut, chief economist of EY Poland. All panelists showed a lot of practical details about procedures applied by statistical offices in Europe to identify the limits of shadow economy and to estimate its size and dynamics.

It’s worth mentioning that our paper (authored by Gilbert Mbara, Joanna Tyrowicz and Ryszard Kokoszczyński) on “Corporate Governance, Tax Evasion and Business Cycles” was presented by Gilbert. You can find more about his presentation here.

All in all Shadow2017 was a very succesful event and for this we, as the organizers, would like to thank all those taking part in the conference.