The Global Value Chains Project

This website is devoted to the project "Global production chain: value added and productivity of entreprises"

  • The project is financed by the National Science Center NCN (grant number UMO-2013/09/D/HS4/01519).
  • Project started in April 2014 and was completed by October 2016.
  • The objective of the project is to assess how the presence of the economies of the Central and Eastern Europe including Poland in the global production precess affects the level and the growth rate of value added and GDP in the economy and the effectiveness of production processes.The baseline research hypothesis is that of increasing importance of globalization on the production processess in the economies of the CEEC. 
  • The project bridges several strands of economic literature: productivity effects of FDI, convergence, firm-level performance
  • Data used in the project come from several sources the WIOD (the world input-output database) and the Amadeus database of firm-level financial indicators.


  • You will find the rationale of the projects here .
  • The outputs of the projects together with selected underlying programming codes are on this page .
  • The project team .