Among the management scientists

Among the management scientists

Our work on gender board diversity was presented during the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, which is THE prestigious conference in management sciences. One whole week of meetings, paper development workshops, teaching workshops, q&a sessions with the editors of the main journals -- and lat but not lest, the paper sessions. This year, AOM meeting in Boston attracted 11 000 people! 

Our session comprised 8 research projects on the phenomenon of women in the upper corporate echelons. The presenters numbered 16 and hailed from 9 countries and 13 unique institutions. The symposium covered a diversity of topics (e.g., corporate board quotas and codes, director appointment), theories (e.g., social categorization, economics theories), data and methodologies (e.g., interviews and questionnaires of female executives, secondary data from Boardex/Compustat, logistic regression, content analysis), and country environments (i.e., detailed discussion of Iceland, Spain, and the US).

After the presentation, intense discussion started, addressing the policy as well as aspects of the presented studies. The slides of our talk are listed below.

P.S. Not to brag, but we were a runner up (finalist) in the Emerald Best International Symposium Award.

08/Aug/2019 - 13/Aug/2019
Boston, USA