Co-investigators for a project on taxation

GRAPE is looking for candidates interested in joining the team. We are interested in candidates who have interest in applied economics. Knowledge of English is a must. We intend to hire two part-time co-investigators (the work load for each is about 13 hours a week) for the project Laffer led by prof. R. Kokoszczyński. The candidates should fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Ph.D. in Economics;
  2. Publications concerning shadow economy/informal employment in international recognized journals;
  3. Prior experience in research concerning shadow economy/informal employment;
  4. Prior experience in supervising younger researchers;
  5. Prior experience in managing scientific grants;
  6. Prior experience in organizing an international scientific conference;
  7. Knowledge of STATA and MATLAB.

The tasks of the co-investigator consist of macroeconomic modelling, microeconomic analysis, preparing scientific articles, presenting those articles at conferences, preparing non-technical posts for project blog, supervising the work of younger project members and preparing an international scientific conference. We offer a contract of specified task (“umowa o dzieło") which amounts gross to 1000 or 2000 PLN (depending on  tasks, for one part-time position per month), with expected contract duration as long as the Laffer project runs.