Próba empirycznej weryfikacji hipotezy płac efektywnościowych w Polsce

The efficiency wage hypothesis suggests that wages are higher than labor productivity in labor markets where workers may shirk. The paper presents an attempt to verify empirically prevalence of efficiency wages in Poland. We utilize Labor Force Survey data for the years 1995-2010. Our identification strategy relies on differences in residuals from the Mincer wage regression between movers (i.e. people changing jobs) and stayers (i.e. persons who did not change employment in the observational window). The results provide tentative confirmation to the prevalence of efficiency wages in Poland.

Published version

Wojciech Hardy
@article{tyrowicz2016proba, title={Pr{\'o}ba empirycznej weryfikacji hipotezy p{\l}ac efektywno{\'s}ciowych w {P}olsce}, author={Tyrowicz, Joanna and Hardy, Wojciech}, journal={Ekonomista}, volume={2}, pages={201--216}, year={2016} }