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Fundacja Adeptów i Miłośników Ekonomii została powołana przez dwóch członków-założycieli GRAPE: prof. Joanna Tyrowicz z Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego oraz prof. Krzysztof Makarski ze Szkoły Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie. Trzecim fundatorem FAME jest p. Beata Juraszek-Kopacz, osoba szeroko znana w środowisku organizacji pozarządowych, prezes Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego, która życie zawodowe poświęciła wspieraniu rozwoju trzeciego sektora w Polsce.

Foundation of Admirers and Mavens of Economics (FAME) was founded by two original members of GRAPE: Joanna Tyrowicz from the University of Warsaw and Krzysztof Makarski from Warsaw School of Economics. The third founder is Beata Juraszek-Kopacz, recognized advisor to NGO community in Poland and expert in the field.

Zarząd | Board



Magdalena SmykMagdalena Smyk

Magdalena Smyk is an Assistant Professor at Warsaw School of Economics. She joined GRAPE in 2013 and joined the board in 2017. Previously, she cooperated with The World Bank and Institute for Structural Research. Her research interests concern the determinants of the occupational choice and labor market inequality. She is particularly fond of experimental methods. Magdalena was awarded Ph.D. by University of Warsaw.



Oliwia KomadaOliwia Komada

Oliwia Komada joined the Board in 2019, but she joined GRAPE in 2014. Her work focuses on public finance and families. She is a winner of the Diamond Grant awarded to the most talented graduate students in Poland.


Joanna TyrowiczJoanna Tyrowicz

Joanna Tyrowicz is a professor at University of Warsaw. She co-founded GRAPE in 2011. Between 2007 and 2017 she served as an Economic Advisor at Economic Institute of National Bank of Poland, specializing in labor market and household issues. In 2009 she was a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, and in 2010 she was a Mellon Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies. Her tenure book “Unemployment Hysteresis in Poland” was awarded the Prize for Best Economic Book of 2014 by Polish Economic Association. Her research interests concern empirical labor economics, inequality and social policy. She is an IZA Research Fellow and IAAEU Research Associate. Her PhD was awarded by University of Warsaw, she also holds a degree from Katholike Universiteit Leuven.


Lucas van der Velde

Lucas van der Velde has been a part of GRAPE from almost the very beginning. He started as a research assistant in 2013. He defended his excellent PhD thesis and published widely in international journals, all while working at GRAPE.

Apart from being an amazing scholar, Lucas is also very engaged in organizational issues. He co-organized all FAME|GRAPE conferences and contributed to numerous internal initiatives improving the quality of GRAPE’s working environment. 


Piotr Żoch

Piotr Żoch has joined GRAPE upon his return from the US, where he defended an excellent PhD thesis at University of Chicago. He publishes in international journals, all the while contributing to GRAPE's development.

In addition to top-notch research work, Piotr co-organizes Summer Workshop in collaboration with SGH and initiates youth development programs.



Rada Fundatorów (organ nadzorczy) | Assembly of Founders



BJuraszekBeata Juraszek-Kopacz

Beata Juraszek-Kopacz has laid the foundations for the NGO sector in Poland, contributing to creating one of the most important umbrella organizations Foundation for Civil Society Development. Beata is a philosopher. Her previous work experience includes Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. She was also involved in multiple initiatives aimed at developing social economy institutions in Poland and Central Europe.



Krzysztof Makarski



Krzysztof Makarski

Krzysztof Makarski is a Professor at Warsaw School of Economics and a co-founder of GRAPE. He received his PhD from University of Minnesotta. His main interest are related to monetary policy (he heads a task unit on monetary policy at the Research Department of National Bank of Poland) and macroeconomics of aging. Krzysztof is particularly committed to developing applied macroeconomics and utilizing these advanced tools for policy analysis. 




Joanna Tyrowicz is a currently member of the Management Board, hence her participation in the Assembly of Founders is suspended (following the statues of FAME).