New project got funding

New project got funding

AGING2 project obtained financing (see HS 4 in SONATA, 1st in the ranking). Off we go!

The aim of this study is to assess the long- and medium-term effects of changes in fertility and life expectancy in good health. Using multiagent microsimulations scenarios of changes in fertility and life expectancy in good health and implement them in an appropriately extended macroeconomic overlapping generations (OLG) model to verify the purpose of the study includes the following research hypotheses:

  • H1: Increase of fertility (for example due to effective pro-birth policy) may in the medium and long term bring economic benefits exceeding the costs of pro-natal policy
  • H2: The increase in healthy life expectancy (which is the result of investments in prevention and health care on selected diseases) can mitigate the negative impact of changes in the structure of the population on public finances and the general level of prosperity. It can be done by changing the preference for work of the next generations of older workers.

The factors that affect the number of children and the factors influencing the improvement of the health status of the next generation (and hence the possibility of extending the age of labor market activity) will shape future changes in public spending and welfare.

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