GRAPE is looking for candidates interested in joining the team. We are interested in candidates who have interest in applied economics. Knowledge of English is a must. We intend to hire two part-time co-investigators (the work load for each is about 13 hours a week) for the project:

Laffer led by prof. R. Kokoszczyński

The candidates should fulfil the following requirements:
a)Ph.D. in Economics;
b)Publications concerning shadow economy/informal employment in international recognized journals;
c)Prior experience in research concerning shadow economy/informal employment;
d)Prior experience in supervising younger researchers;
e)Prior experience in managing scientific grants;
f)Prior experience in organizing an international scientific conference;
g)Knowledge of STATA and MATLAB.

The tasks of the co-investigator consist of macroeconomic modelling, microeconomic analysis, preparing scientific articles, presenting those articles at conferences, preparing non-technical posts for project blog, supervising the work of younger project members and preparing an international scientific conference. We offer a contract of specified task (“umowa o dzieło") which amounts gross to 1000 or 2000 PLN (depending on tasks, for one part-time position per month), with expected contract duration as long as the Laffer project runs.
The co-investigators will work in GRAPE office together with other people involved in different research projects. GRAPE office offer a designated place to work with a well-equipped computer, printers and all the office supplies. There are frequent seminars that give opportunity to learn and share in cozy yet motivating atmosphere. Last but not least there is access to a full-equipped kitchen and free yet wonderful coffee.

The co-investigators will also be able to use the facilities for work not directly related to the project. The working hours are rather flexible and task-oriented. However, the co-investigators are required to meet with the project team on a regular basis.

If you are interested, send us curriculum vitae and cover letter. Applications should be submitted before 20th of May 2016 to We reserve the right not reply to all applications.

Download call for applications