EARHART research assistant

We offer part-time or full-time research assistant position for our new project 

EARHART↗ led by Joanna Tyrowicz ↗ [equal in reaching aspirations]

Requirements: Good command of English is a must. Knowledge of STATA or R is a good start. We welcome applications from candidates who have an interest in applied and quantitative economics. In candidates, we value the interest in empirical analyses, prior experience with quantitative methods (such as your project papers, your BA thesis, etc.) is appreciated but is not a prerequisite. The projects feature highly computationally intensive tasks, we thus encourage candidates interested in data science.

Tasks: The research assistants will be responsible for coding, data management, and data analysis. We welcome involvement in actually studying the topic with us (reviewing relevant literature and active participation in writing the articles). We are open to co-authoring by the research assistants. 

Conditions: We offer a scholarship (“stypendium”) of up to 3000-5000 PLN per month in net terms (depending on the project). The expected contract duration will be two years (depending on the project, cooperation may be extended, subject to obtaining new funding). A workload of approximately 20-30 hours per week is expected (depending on the project). The working hours are rather flexible and task-oriented. However, the assistant is expected to work in our office to meet with the project team on a regular basis. The National Science Center finances the project, hence candidates are only eligible if they are enrolled in MA or PhD program. Inclusion of parts of the research in your PhD/MA thesis is possible. The assistant will also be able to use the office facilities for her/his own work (non-commercial use).

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. The applications sent before April 30th, 2021, will receive full attention. Please, send us your curriculum vitae, along with a cover letter explaining your prior involvement in empirical work. We will also appreciate a sample of your recent writing (e.g., article, essay, assignment). Please, send your application to j.tyrowicz@uw.edu.pl.