Macroeconomists required

GRAPE is looking for candidates interested in joining the team. We intend to hire two part-time assistants (the work load for each is about 20 hours a week) for two projects, including

  • EXPECT led by Jacek Suda [modeling unpredictable economic policy]
  • MiRaReD led by Joanna Tyrowicz  [pension systems and their reforms]

The profiles of requirements differ between the projects, but we welcome applications from candidates who have interest in applied and quantitative economics. In particular, we are seeking to fill:

  • one part-time position in microeconometrics of individual level data using large datasets and multiple data sources (experience in working with data is a plus);
  • one part-time position in macroeconomic DSGE modeling (previous experience with DSGE modeling would be appreciated but is not required).

Knowledge of English is a must. Prior experience with Matlab/Fortran/Mathematica and STATA or R constitute an advantage.