Research associate in IMD project (part-time: 25%)

GRAPE is looking for a research associate (part-time: 25%)

to strengthen the team of researchers in our new ERC project:

The project is planned for five years, but shorter contract durations are possible. The position is initially offered for one year, with extension upon successful evaluation.

Tasks: The associate will be responsible for networking, communication, and contributing to the research outcomes of the project. Networking activities involve organizing reading groups, workshops, and conferences. Our team will be reaching out to scholars across two separate fields and building bridges between research groups all over Europe and the US. Communication activities primarily consist in creating content for wider audiences, including the general public. Our team will maintain the project website and write op-eds presenting the main insights for popular outlets and social media. In terms of research, we hope to see contributions to the IMD agenda, but this contribution is not base for interim evaluations.

Requirements: The successful candidate should hold a PhD degree in economics (or a related field) or be a PhD student at the time of application. The project combines theoretical tools (mechanism and market design) with a focus on applied problems of social and economic inequality. Thus, any prior exposure to these topics will be considered an advantage. A successful candidate must exhibit an ability to understand and discuss state-of-the-art research in economic theory and public economics. When evaluating candidates, we will be looking for evidence of good communication skills, creativity, and passion for promoting scientific knowledge. 

Conditions: The position is part-time, at 25% of a regular work week. We offer a salary of approximately 580 EUR per month (380 EUR in net terms). The salary is indexed at 3% yearly. The working hours are flexible and task-oriented. Some work could be done remotely, but in principle the position is office-based. 

About Piotr: Piotr holds a double affiliation at Northwestern University and FAME|GRAPE. He has published in Econometrica, the Journal of Political Economy, Operations Research, and the Journal of Finance. He is a leading theorist in market, mechanism, and information design.

About GRAPE: GRAPE is a small non-governmental research center, and it already ranks 6th top economic institute in Poland. We have ties to leading European and American research institutions. Our fully equipped office is located in the center of Warsaw. We offer a friendly and stimulating work environment among young researchers.

The position starts on July 1, 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. Applications received before April 1st will be given full consideration. Please, send us your curriculum vitae, a sample of your own work, and contact details for references. The application should be sent to We will contact the selected candidates to schedule interviews.