The evolution of labor share in Poland. New evidence from firm-level data

The only accessible source of financial firm-level in Poland data is database prepared by Central Statistical Office (CSO), available for only minor group of economists. Our study aim at providing to wider audience Orbis database, providing information about substantial part of Polish firms. With this data we present the evolution of labor share of value added in Poland, together with labor productivity and wages. We compare our estimates with indicators prepared by Growiec (2009) and national accounts data. We find that different data source produce differing levels of indicators, however its shapes remain similar. Furthermore we show how construct database using Orbis data and how to improve its coverage using imputation methods.

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@techreport{drazkowski2023evolution, title={The evolution of labor share in {P}oland. {N}ew evidence from firm-level data}, author={Drazkowski, Hubert and Zalas, Sebastian}, year={2023}, institution={GRAPE Group for Research in Applied Economics} }